-God’s Plan-

Welcome to my very first blog! YAY!

I have decided to start creating blogs in order to lay down some of my thoughts. This is to help me with my mental game and also to perhaps help the readers. How could my fun, mess of a life possibly help others? Well, I believe that we all go through similar things and if my story can help just one person then you know what? Here. we. GO!

Sunday, March 29, 2020. We are in the middle of a GLOBAL PANDEMIC. This is FOR REAL happening to you and to me. This will be content in history books for our children. It is overwhelming when you stop and think about the magnitude of the situation. People all over the world are becoming infected and even dying from an illness that we have no vaccine for. Let that sink in.

I have so many thoughts and opinions surrounding the virus, but I am here to talk about just one. Fingers crossed that I stay on track.

Our local businesses have been limited or even further, completely forced to shut down due to quarantine. This is devastating for our economy but even more zoomed in, our mom and pop businesses. They are in fear for their present survival and for what the future holds for their businesses. What will the aftermath be? Though being closed is the safest decision, it is the scariest and most damaging decision for most.

I too am a small business owner. Where I differ from my fellow small local brick and mortars is that I no longer have a store front. I closed my doors to the physical location January 31, 2020. Just a few months shy of having to be FORCED LEGALLY to shut my doors.

Let's rewind a little here. Last year I went back and forth about closing the store. Y'all, I was drained. I missed my family so much. They had completely taken the backburner to the business I was trying to grow. After years of putting it first I had finally decided that I would close the store front, remain online, and paint all day. I had this luxury to still be open and be able to work remotely. This decision was one of the two hardest decisions I have ever had to make in my life. It wore me down. I worried, I had doubt, and a major "what if" attitude. My anxiety had taken a front seat, I got physically ill, my mental health was shattered. I lost hair and even more sleep. I was a mess over the pros and cons. How did I ever get come out on top?

In one breath. In one message. On one Sunday. I was asked, along with everyone else sitting before our pastor, "But do you give it to God?". BOOM! No, I sure don't. I keep it all to my self, I try to control it, handle it, and how is that working out? Well, Lord. It's actually not. I am pretty damn defeated. 

I walked out of church that day different. I had a teammate all along and I trusted him. I laid all my worry at his feet and trusted that my gut decision was the right one and it was going to work out one way or another.

And it did. I am so thankful I had months to prepare to close my doors. I had so much time to plan and prepare to transition. I would have never survived this shut abrupt shut down. I would've been up the creek and without a paddle, no doubt.

My heart pours out for everyone effected by this crisis. It is human to worry, but DO NOT DWELL. Give your worry and doubt to God. He has your back. I pray for your perseverance and strength to get you through this time of uncertainty. I pray for your peace of mind and love for your heart. 

I added a photo of me painting my old store windows in efforts to let the public know that my former business neighbors ARE OPEN and they are need/want your business! The emotions I felt painting my old windows for them during this time were paramount. Life had brought me back there to do what I love for people that I care about in time of great need. It was just super big for me.

Make sure and check out The Bent Fork and Subway on Gore Blvd. in Lawton, OK. Both are locally owned and would love for you to swing by!

Stay well, friends. I hope you liked my first blog. Leave some love and feedback!



*Pay no mind to the errors. I was rushed and accidentally deleted the entire blog the first go round.