denim jackets

Want a one of a kind denim jacket?


How cool is it that you can wear a custom piece of art? It’s incredibly expressive and people will know EXACTLY who you are by what you are wearing. Powerful!

 Here Is How This Works:

All jackets have a beginning price of $125.00. This price is assuming YOU are providing your own denim which is totally optional. I am happy to shop/scout out the perfect piece for you. I will just tack on the price of the denim I find to the base fee of $125.00. Please let me know if you have a budget and I will definitely work with you on that. 

Now, THE FUN BEGINS! Contact me via Instagram, Facebook, or Email (catch that info on the contact page). You and I will chat about your idea and goal for your piece. I welcome reference photos. They help give me an idea of what is going on in that gorgeous mind of yours. At this point I will request a deposit of $125.00 for your piece. That price may very well be the total depending on your design!

When we come up with your idea, I will send you a sketched rough draft of the concept followed by a rough estimate. Price is completely dependent on time, color quantity, and details.

Once the rough draft is approved, I will begin! At this point you can count on your piece being done in 14 business days!


  1. You provide denim or me?
  2. Let’s chat about your dream piece and a budget if you have one.
  3. Deposit is made.
  4. Rough Sketch.
  5. Final Price.
  6. Let momma work!
  7. Final payment (if needed).
  8. Receive your piece and wear it in your sleep!


Locals and Out-of-Towners:

If you are local and would like to drop off (if providing your own garment) and pick up from me personally, I’m your gal. I’ll meet ya in Lawton, Ok.

If you are out of town, you are in charge of shipping fee TO me and I will take care of the return shipping. 

Care Instructions:

This is acrylic paint (for now). You can wash in a machine, however, it will wear and tear. If you dig the distressed look, I DIG YOU. If you want to keep the designs form, I would dry clean only and I would tell them to avoid the paint.